Frequently Asked Questions, or, Questions I Expect to be Asked

What do you use to draw?

Various sketchbooks and pencils (black and orange). No preferred brand.
Photoshop CS6, a Huion H610PRO Tablet, Kyle Webster Brushes
Medibang Paint, iPad Pro, Apple Pencil

Why is it called The Connoisseur Humanist?

It’s one of those names I styled for myself. It just means I value and indulge and document the human experience. HOWEVER despite the ‘humanist’ label, I’m not against religion – quite the opposite actually. Interfaith activism/religious literacy is something I’m passionate about, and I try to weave some of it into my travelogue writing.

What does the logo-symbol (the pencil with the leaves sticking out) mean?

It’s based off a yew tree (and from a specific leaf I found in the hospital). The whole logo, when I made it, is about writing your own death. It sounds morbid, but when you think about it… it’s a compelling concept. How do you want to be remembered? How will you write your life so that you will die with as little regret as you could manage? How will you live? And that’s how I’m trying to view life and my future, especially when I get scared.

Or, put simply: I’m fascinated by the macabre.

If I want to contact you for professional inquiries, where do I go?

I’m a freelance illustrator! I do editorial and children’s book illustration, as well as graphic novels and game design. If you’re interested in discussing with me anything related to art, or to this travelogue, feel free to email reimenayee@gmail.com

Here is my website: http://reimenayee.com