15022017: The Crux & Co


Today is my birthday! It’s a pretty simple affair – some cakes, some reading and then The Book of Mormon tonight.

I dropped by one of my new favourite cafes – The Crux & Co – yesterday to treat myself to some birthday cakes (small, cute, and just the right level of sweet).

They have a branch (the original) at South Melbourne, and I haven’t been there yet. This little one – just a little way down Little Collins St, nearby the Windsor Hotel and Parliament House – is just as nice. It’s cozy, it’s airy, it’s coloured in yellow and white and decked with all sorts of greenery. It makes a nice place to sit and have a coffee – close to the hustle and bustle of the CBD but far enough to offer peace and quiet.

But the atmosphere of a place is always secondary (or more precisely, a bonus point) whenever I visit a restaurant or a cafe. The main thing – always, forever – is the FOOD. The DESSERT. I came here for the eclairs originally – small and aesthetic finger bites, and they have a huge array of colours and flavours. I would recommend trying at least one. They are pretty good. But what satisfies me – in terms of price (as a uni student) and gastronomical fulfillment – are their cakes.

They are round deliciousness – with all the cakes I’ve tried so far they share a subtle sweetness. No element is too overpowering. And they are all cute! Well designed! What I like most overall is their hazelnut cake. I suppose the note I’ve written in the drawing is adequate in describing why personally it is above the rest.

Dessert Run draws: the eclairs, the cakes, the crogels (not drawn; Croissant Bagels) and the absolutely adorable matcha latte.

Zomato: https://www.zomato.com/melbourne/crux-co-patisserie-cbd

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thecruxandco/

Website: http://www.thecruxandco.com.au/

14022017: first post



This is the first post of this new travelogue project I’m embarking. The Connoisseur Humanist has gone through several iterations since I thought of the name itself, but I think this is its final form? It’s in line now with me as a person and a storyteller (an artist and a writer). Drawn content is something I can easily provide – it’s a lot less daunting than writing – and now with an iPad, it could not get any easier.

I’m going to try, for the whole of 2017, to return to sketchbooking. I haven’t done it in years, and not as frequently as I should. It’ll just be of simple things: drawings of food, of places, of people, etc. I’m going to document where I’m currently living a lot more intimately. So that’s my first travelogue: about Melbourne.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I’ll post a couple of things (a recipe and a dessert review) later.