The Connoisseur Humanist is an online travelogue by a storyteller, documenting her travels through art and prose.

It includes a bunch of things, like notes, sketches, reviews of food eaten, observations of people seen, sights unfolded and lots more.

Reimena Yee is an artist and writer. She likes desserts and reading a lot, as well as moving between places. To her life is a story that is always unfolding, and that the world is filled with interesting things and interesting characters to discover. Bonus if there is good and tasty food along the way. She wishes to share these discoveries to friends and strangers alike, through the medium we all love most: art.

She has published several visual stories, including loneliness, 2017: A Pictorial Letter for the New Year, The Road Well Travelled, The World in Deeper Inspection and The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya.

Find out more about her craft at: