21022017: Sketch

I went to the city today to socialise – in addition to being The Connoisseur Humanist, I’m a Connoisseur Introvert – and I’m glad I did. The weather was perfect today. Cool and sunny, without being too sweaty. It’s the kind of weather you appreciate and wish there was more of in Melbourne – the city of mood swings (one day 35 C and sizzling, the next 12 C and storming, and sometimes, in one day!).

I’m still experimenting with the format of this travelogue. I’m confused because it seems like I’m the only one who plans to do a travelogue the way I’m doing now – sketches and drawings, with notes and prose underneath. It’s usually one or the other. And if it’s both, it’s usually PHOTOGRAPHS, not drawings or sketches. I suppose the format will find me one day (hopefully before the Camino), but for now, I apologise if everything’s a mess and inconsistent.


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