13112017: Free-effing-dom

Reimena Yee OOTD

Amazing that I haven’t updated since my Camino. It’s terrible! No, not the Camino (which was amazing, though I was besieged by 6 physical ailments throughout. Maybe one day I will write about it here.), but my commitment to this blog.

I’ll blame university on this one.

Anyway, first piece of fantastic news: I’m done. I’m finished with uni.

Second piece of fantastic news: I’ve finally found my groove with the iPad. Clip Studio Paint was an epiphany. Prior to that I’ve always had trouble finding motivation to draw on the tablet, since the experience is not nice (I’m a picky artist), so I’ve been mostly using it for reading and doing notes. Well, buddy, yes I’ll still be doing the nerd things with it, but I’ll be drawing on it now. The sketchbook challenge is saved.

Third piece of fantastic news: I got a travel journal a couple months ago. I’ve got stuff on it but I’m still experimenting.

Fourth and final piece of fantastic news: New book of my life (not even a chapter). I’m rather excited. There are tons of things for me to write about.

Can’t wait to begin my journey.


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