12032017: Donut and Beer Fest, Melbourne

There is a God out there, and He has heard my prayers and granted my wish.

The first ever Donut (and Beer) Festival in Australia just happened last Sunday! I absolutely love donuts – I always get them whenever I go on a dessert run. To find out by chance that a festival all about donuts (especially ones that I can’t get because their shops are too far away) was coming practically right down the street, made me feel an excitement so body-tingling that I hadn’t experienced since Josh Groban’s last visit here.

I waited an hour under 30 degrees (Celcius) sunshine just to get in. That is how far I’m willing to go to get these delicious little doughboys in my mouth.

Donut cupcakes from Cupcake Central (one of two favourite cupcake shops, which will have its own post soon!)

It’s too hot to put fried food in your mouth but…


I missed getting these; I was really excited for them! 🙁

Hehe, behind the scenes.

2 thoughts on “12032017: Donut and Beer Fest, Melbourne

  1. WHAAT THESE ALL LOOK AWESOME! I live in Melbourne and I had no idea this was on! Is there any way of knowing about events you plan on going to?

    • I haven’t thought about announcing events I would go to in advance, but if that’s something you’d like I could make a space on the website for it.

      But in general, if you’d want to find events for yourself, just go on What’s On Melbourne! I usually get my info from Facebook (somehow I’ve refined the algorithm to advertise me events that I would actually like).

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